I have known Jane Nash for 6 years when she was the keynote teacher & presenter at a weekend workshop for veteran women with PTSD.  I was invited by the organizer to attend even though I am not a veteran due to just leaving an unbalanced longtime marriage and dealing with PTSD.

That weekend workshop turned my life around completely, to say the least!  I left there with focus & a purpose!  I was so inspired that I booked a certification on Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) with Jane six months later.

Jane is an incredibly focused teacher/trainer.  She knows how to assist you in taking in knowledge in a way that is absorbed quickly, effectively and fully for each student that she has a responsibility for.

Through Jane’s training of NLP, I was able to accomplish the chasms of events in my life…moving intercontinentally, starting my own business and buying my first home in that continent.

I am so grateful for Jane Nash and her ability to help me make the changes in my life to become balanced in all areas!

Suzanne Riley Whyte

South Carolina

Suzanne Riley Whyte

Be The Success That You Are