Mind blowing Tinnitus Session 🏆

🍀 Yesterday I’ve had the blessing of the first session with Janelaura to get a relief from my tinnitus.

She did a phenomenal job!

📯 I’m suffering from tinnitus since the age of 5, with some better and worse phases.
During the last few years it was just increasing: louder and more tones. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand people and especially in groups when all the people are talking in a mess, I won’t be able to follow the conversation. Talking at the phone brings some challenges especially when it comes to the name of the person who I don’t know…

🔕 Of course I’ve tried a lot to get rid of the tinnitus but finally I kind of gave up.
I’ve had one hypnosis session for the tinnitus without much change.

🎉 Till now! 🎉

🎁 Yesterday’s session with Jane was a huge gift!

She’s a true expert for this topic!

🍀 The introduction and anamnese she did with me was of so much value.
She really knows and understands so much about tinnitus like I’ve never met one doctor before in my whole life:

👂 how it’s affecting the client’s life
👂 the science behind it
👂 the various triggers
👂 how your behavior and life circumstances affect it
👂 the special diet (this alone left me speechless)
👂 the different effects

🚀 She was guiding me through her questionnaire and I was stunned about the depth and details of those questions.
She informed me that the first session is to know and understand more about my case.
She said that it’s not expected to get results from the first session.
On the average it would need about 6 sessions to have results.

For me the fact alone to have hope it’s like a jackpot! It’s a dream come true that I didn’t even dare to dream about anymore…

I was curious what it’s possible, but didn’t have expectations.

🙏 During our whole conversation I felt understood, safe and cared. 🥰

💡 It was showing her incredible expertise and experience with tinnitus and the first time I’ve had the hope of an improvement!

📍Before guiding me into trance she was asking me to rate two things:
– annoyance was 7-8 our of ten
– discomfort from tinnitus was 9 our of ten

Then Jane guided me in such a beautiful way into trance and I was blessed to already receive a first relief from my tinnitus.

Back to full awareness she asked me to rate it again and I was blown away to notice that it had decreased:
annoyance was 5/10
tinnitus was 7 out of 10

🎉🎉🎉 Unbelievable! 🎉🎉🎉
🎉🎉🎉 Epic! 🎉🎉🎉

🍀 I’m soooo happy and beyond grateful!

Now I’m looking forward to our next session, very sure that Jane will be able to help me much more!

I will keep you updated!

👉👉👉Meanwhile I wholeheartedly recommend you to watch Jane’s Masterclass here in the summit!

If you suffer from tinnitus:
👉👉👉Get your session booked!

I know for sure that I will be participating in her upcoming program for tinnitus!
I want to learn that and helping people to get their life quality back!
Honestly I can’t wait to learn that and share it with the world! 💖

😄 Who is with me??? 😃

Jane you are such a superstar!
🙏🙏🙏 Thank you so much! 🙏🙏🙏

Fabienne Corinne Thommen