Another Course Review – Time Based Techniques

AJ:- Time Based Techniques (TBT) delivers fast, efficient and effective results every time for me. I love that there is no need to: rehash the details of the past or worry about the future; get caught up in reiterating my limited belief(s); or go down the rabbit trail of self judgement regarding past decision(s).  
I recently attended the TBT course taught by the exceedingly talented Jane Nash in a group setting from the comfort of my home. This made it so accessible and provided the vital opportunity I needed to start practicing the technique, not just learn the theory. There was a lot of information packed into this course, so I really appreciated that there was a great TBT handbook provided digitally. I was comforted by the knowledge that if I ever need further clarification, even after completing the course, I just have to ask. And the private Facebook group for her community also provides ongoing support, encouragement and contact. 
Jane Nash is a wealth of knowledge, a highly qualified and experienced teacher, and an excellent practitioner. I am not exaggerating when I say that my life is literally better when I use what I have learned from her. I am delighted to highly recommend her services and courses. I am forever grateful to have met Jane Nash, been assisted by her to “tame my monkey mind”, and been taught techniques to help others. If you want to change anything, Jane Nash will help you succeed.
AJ Morrow
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