I am so happy to have found Jane Nash at a recent conference. I had been achieving success with coaching Tinnitus Clients and was looking for ways to expand my toolkit. Then, Jane appeared and spoke to my interest. Her experience, expertise and authentic style immediately appealed, so when she offer a private small group hypnosis certification focused on Tinnitus, it was a no-brainer to sign up.

The live online training beautifully blended theory and real time practice, and challenged us to create and deliver impactful hypnosis sessions during the workshop.

One day after the course, I’ve already been deploying my creations from within the course, to paying Clients. So the return on investment has been immediate and my Clients are happy.

An additional bonus was meeting some wonderful hypnotherapists and expanding my professional network in this niche.

Studying with Jane was an excellent investment. She is dedicated, passionate and supportive and I can only highly recommend her if you’re looking to depend your skill set.

With gratitude,

Vinita Temmert
Tinnitus & Deep Sleep Master Coach

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