NLP Practitioner -Feb 2021


2021 is a reset year.  The future looks bright with vaccinations promising to become available and The Australian Institute of Mind Dynamics is launching its Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner qualification as a part time class, three hours a week, 12 weeks, a total of 36 hours of live tuition and practical experience.

When we learn Neuro Linguistic Programming it is to change the way we see the world and the way we respond to the world. It impacts our private lives, our public lives, our work, our play, our values and our choices. It is a step in the dark for many but for those who are brave enough to step forward, their lives will never be the same again.

Neuro Linguistic Programming was devised by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, a combination of communication, personal development and psychotherapeutic techniques incorporating some trance work in the 1970’s.  It self-defines as a trail of techniques and methodologies. I have noticed how behavioural patterns can be examined and broken and when modelling after exceptional people or methods, new habits and behaviours can be easily integrated resulting in improved outcomes. 

Sounds heavy? It’s not – it’s smooth and sophisticated and  offers you the chance to go about creating the life you want or deal effectively  with the life you have. It changed my life, it has changed so many other people’s lives and now it’s on offer for you. Whether you want to become a practitioner to work with others, or have mastery in your own life, this is an opportunity you need to catch hold of and follow through on.

I’m excited at this new format for learning NLP which is a practical hands on subject and best learned with others. Using Zoom offers us the chance to work together as well as in smaller breakout groups for practicing techniques. I’m excited at teaching and facilitating the change-work in everyone of us on the course, whether a seasoned NLPer or a newbie.

This program has been designed to offer the chance of three hours a week theory and practical experience leading to the qualification of NLP Practitioner.  Learning groups are kept small so that a quality learning environment is maintained.  

I love NLP.  I love the fact that it began to change my life as soon as I learned about it, let alone learning the techniques that so eloquently offer choice and resources. As a way of thinking it increases acuities, changes by improving the processes of the mind and offers a pathway of mastery in communication.  What you end up with is a more efficient version of you. A better communicator, clearer thinker and you have a whole host of techniques and methods for problem solving and reducing limitations in both your belief systems and others’.

I invite you to join me in 2021 for 12 weeks of brain training that you will always remember and be able to use immediately either for your own self development and/or for work. I can promise you that it will be intensive but also fun and you will have time to master the skills and theory week by week. Come on – step into the matrix with me…

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