Advanced Profiling

The onset of Covid-19 has forced many businesses online. Profiling how your clients think and act has never been more important than now since business has largely been transferred to online transactions and meetings. 35% of communication is through body language. As soon as we are online with each other we lose a large percentage of that communication. Profiling affords you to be able to listen to the language patterns of your clients and be able to understand their meta processes, motivations, their values, their decision making processes and much more. This course is suitable in part to sales personnel and this is reflected in the duration and prices of the course

Profiling the client for First Interview/ Sales


Meta Processes – Neuro Linguistic Programming 


 Behaviour Drivers

Decision Making 

Convincer Processes

Convincer Strategies

Action based decisions


Drama Cycle



Relationships – Chunking

Negative Responses

Duration: 5 hours

Price: $499


Extension Program- Hypnotherapists

Profiling for Tinnitus Clients

Profiling for Mental Health

Profiling for Suggestibility

Duration: 3 hours

Price: $299



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