EFT- Learn the Tapping Technique


EFT was developed from TFT and has become one of the most popular tools in self help because it simply works. This training is both theory and hands on. I trained with Gary Craig’s school of EFT and have followed the changes and adaptations of EFT. On this training course, you will learn both theory and practical, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself. On completion, you will have all the basics of EFT so you can confidently tap on yourself and your family and friends.

The 2-day Foundation course covers EFT in the contexts of:

• Improving confidence, performance, and well-being
• Freedom from negative limiting beliefs and traumatic memories.
• Freedom from your addictions and cravings.
• Relief from physical pain, stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, fears, and phobias

Syllabus includes:
• The Background of EFT and TFT
• The Discovery Statement
• The Full Basic Recipe
• Psychological Reversal
• The Short Cut Version
• Aspects
• Getting Specific
• Personal Peace Procedure
• Borrowing Benefits
• Introduction EFT for Addictive Cravings
• EFT for Pain/Physical Discomfort

On completion of this workshop, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance for EFT foundation. This does not confer practitioner status.

Price: $400 Duration: 2 days


The 2-day training is open to anyone who has completed a Foundation Level EFT. This course is of use to those interested in becoming a certified practitioner or wanting to learn more and further their own self-development. These are the most intensive skills for EFT and will help you step into greater changes both in yourself and potentially with your own clients

This is 2-day ADVANCED training which goes from the basic mechanics of EFT into a more advanced use and understanding. These techniques help develop confidence and intuition. Topics include working with trauma, physical pain, phobias, aspects, and uncovering core issues.

Syllabus includes:
• Tearless Trauma Technique
• The Inner Healer
• Telling the Story Technique
• Techniques for More Gentleness
• Chasing the Pain
• Addressing Physical Issues
• Finding Core Issues
• Testing results.
• The Palace of Possibilities
• Delivering EFT by Telephone/Skype
• PTSD/Traumatic Brain Injury
• Phobias
• New Tapping Points
On completion of this 2-day course, you will receive an ADVANCED EFT Certificate of attendance only. This does not confirm practitioner status.

Price: $650 Duration: 2 days