Forensic Hypnosis

The Forensic Hypnotist

helps the client to recall memories IF THE MEMORIES are there. Remember that memories are a culmination of biochemical reactions and may be subjective and different each time they are recalled.

An investigator

is trained in investigation techniques and hypnosis or hypnotherapy and utilizes these skills to gather facts, information or evidence pertaining to, or that may be or later become the subject of legal proceedings, prosecution, civil process, internal disciplinary procedure or ethics inquiry. It is also used to recall memories if the memories are still in the subconscious mind.

This course includes all the necessary information for you to conduct forensic hypnosis interviews with witnesses, victims, and defendants in criminals and civil cases, in consulting cases where hypnosis has been used. 
Upon completion of this comprehensive training course, each student will receive a certificate of completion. Certificates will show you have completed the course and you are certified as a Forensic Hypnosis Investigator with 32 hours of training. This will be one of the most rewarding and comprehensive courses you will ever attend.

What you will learn:

  • Forensic Applications
  • Legal Aspects
  • Court view of hypnotically refreshed recall
  • Autopsy of an Investigative interview
  • Judicial review/pitfalls
  • Therapeutic vs. Investigative hypnosis
  • Interview Analysis techniques
  • Mental health resolution
  • Informational listening techniques
  • Amnesia, Hyperamnesia regression
  • Correct memory retrieval techniques
  • Cognitive interview techniques
  • Structuring the interview
  • A technically correct interview
  • Guided practice session #1
  • Guided practice session #2
  • Preparing to testify in court
  • Defence strategies
  • Video-court room testimony
  • Lecture outline for T.V. or Radio talk show
  • Lecture for hypnosis speech

Duration: 32 hours online training

Investment: $4,997

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