Hypnosis and the Bipolar Brain


The basics – 4 Approaches to Hypnosis

The basics – 3 types of Bipolar disorder

Working within your clinical scope


Medical History

Trauma History

Common bipolar prescriptions and their effects on maintaining trance

Profiling the bipolar client pre-hypnosis

NLP delivered via trance

Using hypnosis for triggers

Using hypnosis for self improvement

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Social Phobia

Specific Phobia

Panic Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive disorder


Considerations for: Mania

Considerations for: Depression

Considerations for: Hypomania 

Considerations for: Anxiety

Considerations for: AD(H)D

Hypnosis and NLP for Mood management

Hypnosis and the shamanic view of bipolar disorder

Creating an action plan as a support scaffold using hypnosis and NLP

this course also includes – Hypnosis & Mental Health Considerations certification

Participants must be qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists and/or NLP Practitioners

Duration: 8 hours online training               

Price: $997

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