NLP Practitioner

What’s included?

  • 7 days of face to face training with practical hands-on experience
  • Access to your trainer before and after your course
  • Course Refresher options at discounted rates
  • Complimentary pre-training consultation with your trainer to align your needs with the course.
  • An NLP Practitioner certification recognized by the Australian Institute of Mind Dynamics (AIMD) and the International Institute NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Additionally, you are awarded a Hypnosis, Time Based Therapy and Neuro-Relationship Alchemy certificate.

As a direct result of taking this course, your outcomes will be:

  • Learn and utilize the full set of NLP foundation techniques
  • Learn and utilize Hypnosis, Neuro Relationship Alchemy, and Time Based Therapy.
  • Understand how to use these techniques in both personal and professional situations
  • Tidy your own values, beliefs, and history
  • Align your goals and your values for instant motivation
  • Realise your true personal potential


t.b.a.                       2018 (9:30am-6:00pm) 

Duration: 7 days 1 block of 3 and 2 blocks of 2 days

Price: $4700