NLP Master Practitioner

This course is a doorway into another world of understanding and knowledge.

Prerequisite is the NLP Practitioner certification.  If you have trained with another school, please inquire today whether you will qualify to enter this course directly.

Your course will include:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Advanced Quantum Linguistic language patterns.

  • Advanced Submodality techniques.

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching skills.

  • Sleight of Mouth patterns for persuasion.

  • Meta-States

  • Meta-Programs

  • Trance and Hypnotic Induction

  • Timelines

  • Modelling

  • Advanced Neuro Relationship Alchemy

Through getting extensive actual hands-on practice with NLP you’ll soon be demonstrating patterns, using the processes, models and transformative techniques with your learning partners. So you will know you’ve really gained a level of mastery in the skills of NLP.

What this means for you is you’ll be learning relevant, pragmatic, current content and skills for NLP in the 21st century through direct experience. So when you graduate, you will graduate as an embodied, grounded and highly skilled NLP master practitioner.

  • 12 days of face to face training – practical hands-on experience.

  • Course Refresh options at discounted rates

  • Complimentary pre-training consultation with your trainer to align your needs


    the course

  • BONUS topic: Advanced NRA, a powerful relationship focussed technique to address relationship issues and support healthy relationship constructs (NRA is a development of NRT which was designed by the late Robb Whitewood)

  • A Master NLP Practitioner certification accredited through the International Institute of NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy (IINLPCH) 

  • Additionally, you are awarded with

    an Advanced: Hypnosis, Time Based Therapy 


    Neuro-Relationship Alchemy certificates

  • On graduation, you qualify to join the NLP Trainer Training course



Duration: 12 days 3 blocks of 4 days

Price: $5500

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