Dr Jane Nash has twenty years experience in four different educational systems across four continents, teaching in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors.  With a Ph.D., Masters and Bachelors (Hons) degrees in Education, she is also a Master trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Master hypnotist.  She is not only highly qualified but able to introduce cutting edge techniques to help you. She has already helped many children, parents and teachers deal with some of the issues that seem on the increase in schools today and always offers a custom fit approach to problem solving.

Make an appointment and see how you or your child can be helped to reach potential in a school environment.


Learning strategies for dyslexics

Learning strategies for dyspraxics

Learning strategies for ADD/ADHD

Spelling problems

Test/exam anxiety

Visual processing disorders

Dealing with Behaviour Disorders 

Bipolar Disorder and School


Time management

Self esteem

Classroom control

Language patterns for successful communication

Creative lesson planning

How to avoid or deal with burnout


Homework schedules and supervision

Helping your child prepare for exams

Reading strategies for home

Structured and unstructured play at home

Messages for success – what not to say to your kids

Rule setting and keeping, Learning how to commit to boundaries

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